Sunday Family Humour 4th December

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This is the Day
Thanks to Bill S.

Something 1
Something 2
Ever have one of those days,
When something seems a bit "off"
But you just can't put your finger on it...?
Something 3
Something 4
Or it seems like all the people around you are grouchy and just want to butt heads...?
Something 7
Sometimes, you just need to take a fresh new look and get a different perspective on things.
Something 8
Something 11
Remember, to try your best
To show kindness to others..cuz
It just
Something 12
feels so good!
Something 13
Something 14
(Sometimes looking at things
From their perspective
Might help.....)
Something 17
Something 16
So, when life gets you down...
Something 17

Remember to just keep going,
And keep your head above water..
Something 20
Something 21
Something 22
And you'll get by
With a little help from your friends!
Something 23
Something 24
To all of my Family and Friends .. Have a nice day.
Someone Smile
Have a good day!

The Man Who Died

Man Who Died

Deer and Snow Moose - rare sightings
Thanks to Bill S.

Deer and Moose

India's Got Talent
Thanks to Paul S.

India's Got Talent

Mental Health Hotline
Thanks to Ray O'.


Only In India
Thanks to David H.

Ony in India

High Five
Thanks to Ray M.

High Five.wmv

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