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Bill and Blanche

Thanks to DH

Bill and his wife Blanche went to the Alabama state fair every year,
And every year Bill would say,
" Blanche, I'd like to ride in that helicopter "

Blanche always replied,
" I know Bill, but that helicopter ride is fi
fty bucks, and fifty bucks is fifty bucks!"

One year Bill and Blanche went to the fair, and Bill said,
"Blanche, I'm 85 years old.
If I don't ride that helicopter, I might never get another chance."

To this, Blanche replied,
" Bill that helicopter ride is fi
fty bucks, and fifty bucks is fifty bucks "

The pilot overheard the couple and said,
"Folks I'll make you a deal. I'll take the both of you for a ride.
If you can stay quiet for the entire ride and don't say a word
I won't charge you a penny!
But if you say one word it's fifty dollars. "

Bill and Blanche agreed and up they went.

The pilot did all kinds of fancy manoeuvres, but not a word was heard.
He did his daredevil tricks over and over again.

But still not a word...

When they landed, the pilot turned to Bill and said,
"By golly, I did everything I could to get you to yell out, but you didn't. I'm impressed!"

Bill replied,
" Well, to tell you the truth
I almost said something when Blanche fell out,
but you know,
fty bucks is fifty bucks! "

Just for Laughs - the Soup Prank

Thanks to Ray M.

Soup Prank

Photos to Tickle the Imagination

Thanks to David H.


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Owl landing on camera

Thanks to David M.


The Driver's License

Thanks to David H.
Driving licence girl
A mother is driving her little girl to her friend's house for a play date.

'Mommy, the little girl asks, 'how old are you?'

'Honey, you are not supposed to ask a lady her age,' the mother replied.
'It's not polite.'

'OK', the little girl says,
'How much do you weigh?'

'Now really,' the mother says, 
'those are personal questions and are really none of your business.'

Undaunted, the little girl asks,'Why did you and Daddy get a divorce?'

'That's enough questions, young lady! Honestly!'

The exasperated mother walks away as the two friends begin to play.

'My Mom won't tell me anything about her,' the little girl says to her friend.

'Well,' says the friend,
'all you need to do is look at her driver's license. 
It's like a report card, it has everything on it.'

Later that night the little girl says to her mother,
'I know how old you are. You are 32.'

The mother is surprised and asks,
'How did you find that out?

'I also know that you weigh 130 pounds.' 

The mother is past surprised and shocked now.
'How in Heaven's name did you find that out?'

'And,' the little girl says triumphantly,
'I know why you and daddy got a divorce.'

'Oh really?' the mother asks.

Driving licence girl
'Because you got an F in sex.'

Urban Art

Thanks to David H.

Urban Art - Best of 2011.pps

Russian Churches and Cathedrals

Thanks to Lee

Russsian Churches

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