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Term 1 BOT News

BOT Newsletter Term 1 2019

Tena koutou katoa / Greetings all

As Term 1 draws to a close we sincerely hope all our new whanau, learners and staff who joined us at the beginning of our academic year have settled in well and are enjoying being a part of our school community.

We have exciting baby news for two members of staff!   Mrs Mel Prasad and her husband Prash along with Mr Makere Stirling and his wife, Margaret are expecting their first babies in July.  We are also delighted to share a picture of Ms Claire McKersy and her partner Atty Galiga’s beautiful daughter, Hazel Sia who arrived on 4th March.  Congratulations to all families! We have been keeping a running total of babies born or about to be born to the staff working at Stonefields School and this takes us up to 38 since we opened our doors in 2011!

Field Drainage

We know that many of you are keen to understand what is happening with the field drainage solution, particularly as we head away from the dry summer months.  Awanui Landscaping Ltd have been contracted and in conjunction with Watts & Hughes construction will mark out and fence off the area where the Stage 3 build will take place.  Awanui will then create a drainage swale along this line and put in the drainage, ready for the autumn/winter.

Board Elections

The Board of Trustees election will be held in early June - have you considered putting yourself forward for this rewarding role?

The Board of Trustees provides culturally responsive strategic leadership and direction to schools.  They are accountable for the performance of their schools and kura, and the key focus of their role is the improvement of student progress and achievement. As a board of trustees’ member, you play a vital role in leading the future direction and performance of your school.

The School Board membership includes 5 elected parent representatives, an elected staff representative and the Principal. We would like to see our Board reflect the diversity of our community and encourage all to consider this opportunity.

Nomination forms will become available in May and voting papers will be sent out by our returns officer in accordance with the published timeline (see below).  

Please click here to go to our Elections site for further information.

If you have any further questions please contact Ellie Bramwell, ellie@stonefields.school.nz who will ensure to connect you with a current member of the Board.

Elections Timeline

Select Returning Officer by:

Wednesday 1st May 2019

Close Main Roll Noon:

Wednesday 8th May 2019

Call for Nominations:

Friday 10th May 2019

Nominations Close:

Friday 24th May 2019

Close Supplementary Roll Noon:

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Voting Papers Sent by:   

Wednesday 29th May 2019      

Election Day (Voting closes) Noon

Friday 7th June 2019

Count Votes

Thursday 13th June 2019

Board Takes Office

Friday 14th June 2019

Achievement Data report for 2018

Overall levels of 620 learners achieving 'At' or 'Above' expected levels at end of 2018 were 80% in Reading, 74% in Writing and 84% in Maths. Our whole school matched data of 486 learners out of 620 learners, shows a 1% positive percentage gain in learners achieving 'At' or 'Above' expected levels, in Reading and Writing, from end of year 2017. However matched data in Maths, indicates a 3% percentage decrease of learners achieving 'At' or 'Above' expected levels, from end of year 2017. Our individual learners shift data there is a 3% to 6% greater than expected shift and a 5% to 9% less than expected shift across curriculum areas. Our overall Maori data, of 43 learners shows that achievement of Maori learners continues to track Below the overall school achievement level across all curriculum areas, from the end of year 2017. However, it is important to note that overall achievement in Maths, has had a 10% positive percentage gain from end of year 2017. The matched data for 31 out of 43 Maori learners shows positive percentage gains in Reading, in comparison to Writing and Maths.  Whilst shift data of individual Maori learners shows a 3% to 6% greater than expected shift across all curriculum areas, there is a higher percentage of Maori learners making less than expected shift across all curriculum areas. In reflecting on our 2018 achievement data there will be a continued focus on shifts and outcomes for our learners and this is reflected in our 2019 Annual Plan,

Tomorrow's Schools Review

Recently in a parent communication update, our Principal Sarah Martin shared information on the Tomorrow’s School’s Review.  Click here to revisit that update.  Have you participated in the feedback forums yet?  If not, we encourage you to share your thoughts on the future of our schooling system by 7th April when consultation closes.

  • Email:  tomorrows.schools@education.govt.nz

  • Call 0800 FOR TSR (0800 367 877)

The government are keen to and need to hear from as many of our parents as possible.

Nga mihi nui


Matt, Tania, Margaret, Marie, Stephanie, Bryan and Sarah

Stonefields School Board of Trustees


2019 Board dates are available here.   All members of the community are welcome to attend the Board meetings in a non-speaking capacity for the general section of the meeting.

“In Committee” sections are confidential and held in private. Should you wish to attend a meeting, please contact the Board Secretary, Ellie Bramwell in the school office

who will note your intended attendance. (ellie@stonefields.school.nz)

Board members can be contacted on board@stonfields.school.nz