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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustee Meetings are held at school in the staff hub and dates can be found on the school calendar or by clicking on the tab above.
Members of the public are welcome to attend in a "no voice" capacity. All members of the public will be asked to leave if the Board are required to go "In Committee".

If you wish to attend, please contact the Board Secretary, Ellie Bramwell on ellie@stonefields.school.nz to register your attendance.

Our current Board members are as follows:

Matt Evans is the Board of Trustees Chairperson and has been a resident of Stonefields since 2010 and has two daughters at the school. A former primary teacher himself, Matt taught overseas for many years before setting up his own IT and Financial Services business. He is also currently a commercial board member and a representative on various different management groups. Matt brings a practical understanding of the balance between governance, strategy and operational management, with a relevant background in education and teaching.

Tania Reed is married to Peter they have two children; Ashton was a foundation learner at Stonefields and has now graduated to college.  Isla is still at Stonefields. Her family purchased a house within the school zone in June 2009 and have been involved with the developing community ever since.
She has worked for UDC Finance since 1994 in different roles; her current position is Operations Performance Manager. Tania, currently takes on the Human Resources portfolio on the Stonefields Board of Trustees and was Chairperson for three years prior to Paul taking on the role.

Sarah Martin is the School Principal.  She is enthusiastic about ensuring all students develop the necessary competencies to strengthen their capacity to learn. Staying focused on students being engaged and successful with learning that matters. Questioning the effective teaching practice that causes learning.

Particular areas of interest are integrating inquiry learning, e-learning, future school environments, growing competencies and building teacher effectiveness.

Bryan Fox is well known in our school whānau and wider community, and is husband to Theresa and Father of two Stonefields learners, Cooper and Mahalia.  Bryan brings an audit background with 15 years’ experience in Quality Assurance and most recently this includes partnering with offshore providers. Prior to that, he has held a range of roles mostly in the insurance industry, however an interesting role outside of this industry was his teaching in South Korea for two years. Both Bryan and Theresa are actively involved and instrumental in the school’s Kapa Haka rōpū where they share and learn elements of Māori culture. His passions include providing opportunities to help build well-rounded individuals and contributors to communities.
Stephanie Parker - is an energetic teacher who is experienced in teaching in 1:1 digital learning environments. She holds a B.Soc Sci and B.Ed (Hons), is a Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy graduate, and was part of the Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir project in 2016. Stephanie has a strength in teaching mathematics and literacy, and loves challenging children to think critically, explore diverse perspectives, and to find learning hidden in the world around us. This year Stephanie is on Maternity leave, however you will still see her from time to time as she maintains her role as the Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees.

Margaret Stanley is an Associate Professor in the University of Auckland's School of Biological Sciences, specialising in conservation and biosecurity. In her role as a lecturer, she strives to achieve the best learning outcomes for students and understands the tertiary environment that many of our learners will one day be a part of. She also sits on a range of technical advisory boards for agencies such as the Ministry for Primary Industries, Auckland Council and community environmental restoration groups. She is mum to Jamie and Lucy and lives in St Johns. Margaret is currently assigned the Board’s portfolios on COLs (Community of Learning) and community engagement.

Marie Gaskin, comes to the Board with 5 years' recent experience on an Auckland primary school Board which has provided her with strong, relevant governance experience, whilst her background as a Chartered Accountant (over 15 years with KPMG) allows her to bring excellent financial knowledge to the Board. It was through KPMG's commitment to community that Marie was co-opted to the Edmund Hillary School Board. She is mum to Joshua who enrolled in 2016, and daughters Grace and Paige who will join the school in the coming years.