The Fairfield Township Road Crew is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 48.215 miles of township roadway, 365 days per year, throughout all types of weather. In addition, the Road Department maintains a variety of township structures and equipment. This hardworking crew is comprised of Melvin Miller, Road Supervisor, John Rankin, Shawn Butler and Kevin Rice (not pictured). 

Fairfield Township Road Supervisor is Melvin Miller. Melvin has been with Fairfield Township since 1987. He served as Assistant Road Superintendent from the mid 1990's through 2011. In 2012 he became Road Supervisor and continues to serve in that capacity today. 
Residents desiring assistance or who have questions, comments, or non-emergency concerns about the state of Township roads should contact Melvin Miller at (330) 853-7131.  

Please note that in addition to township roads, Fairfield Township is intersected by a number of state and county roads that are maintained by the Columbiana County Engineer or the Ohio Department of Transportation, respectively. Additionally there are private lanes that are not the responsibility of Fairfield Township. These include (but may not be limited to):

Dusquene Street Extension
Virginia Avenue
Woodland Drive