2 weeks to 2 months - you choose! [Looking for info about PDC Exchange? Scroll down]

Come and learn, work, and live Permaculture (and 'beyond organic' food production) with us. Your internship will have exposure to a multitude of tasks. Surf around our website to get an idea of what we are doing.

organic food production in action - planting out seedlings

Cost - $0 -> work exchange for full board (meals + guest room [perhaps shared with one other at times]) and plenty of information exchange.

We work about 7-9 hours a day, sometimes less, but have one day off a week. Normally we take people to see other Permaculture places we know of nearby and to National Park walks (in QLD or NSW).

An internship here is about you getting out what you put in. You will be encouraged to think and ask questions, give input for some tasks, and generally become more independent minded. We do spend quite a lot of time stopping to explain why we are doing things a certain way - usually this has to do with a Permaculture mindset. Following this learn as you do approach, we don't instigate specified 'teaching' times, but of course chat during breaks and meals about all aspects of life.

Send us a message if you are keen to come and share in our life for a time. Let us know how you heard about us, what you already know about Permaculture (what books read, videos watched, etc), what more you want to learn, what experience(s) you have, your general work ethic, how long you want to stay, and anything else that'll help convince us to accept you! (eg references, CV, and the like)

Previous feedback (extracts);

I stayed one week in Dylan and Evita's demonstration site and although I came from a 2.5 months internship in permaculture I learnt a lot of new things, we shared interesting points of view, the food was very good and I was able to meet other people in the community activities that took place that week.

Henry from Spain

They are both very knowledgeable on p/c and they are happy to share and explain ways of working and concepts. My work was varied and meaningful, which meant I managed to pick up a lot in a relatively short period of time. I would have definitely stayed longer if I hadn't already made other plans.

Andy from England

PDC Exchange

We also offer your help/work in exchange for part of your PDC! More info about the program is here:

We can offer most parts of the PDC as Evita and I are both PDC teachers. If there is something particular you need signing off on, you are welcome to check before coming here.