More goats

Post date: Feb 1, 2017

Last Thursday, we bought 2 more goats that will hopefully become milkers in the future. They are the new grass maintainers meaning less often that I have to weed eat the place..

kids eating

The guinea pig numbers are increasing again. They are fertilising this food forest area nicely:

guinea pigs on pasture

3 ducklings with their 'mother' in tow, born last day of 2016. Fortunate timing as a quoll attack resulted in 4 adult runners dying just days after. Very sad. We were able to save 1 of 2 that were injured (wondrous hydrogen peroxide!):


Progressing bit by bit on the dome. Completed the rendering around the inside of the doorway yesterday:

rendering doorway

Today, Dylan added the third boxes on the beehives. All going well, this box will be filled with honey in the next few months and then harvested in Autumn, leaving the bees a box of honey for the Winter:

beehives with 3 boxes

Otherwise, it has been HOT. Spending time watering things. Some just to keep alive, others more often for food. Also, time spent improving fences, working on the terraces, repairing salvaged smashed solar panel with home made glue (another post coming about this), and general maintenance of the gardens. Evita has been harvesting bountiful amounts of food and putting some of it away eg cucumbers galore!