Permaculture Gathering #4

Post date: Jun 1, 2014

Number 4 was at Stephanie's (the first person to contact us after we arrived, "yay, there's someone else doing Permaculture in Stanthorpe!"). She did Geoff Lawton's first online course and it was great to see her design taking shape. She introduced everyone to the property and what she and partner Steve had achieved in less than a year after her course. This includes making use of the greywater in zone 1, creating veggie boxes, mulching and fencing lawn areas for fruit trees, housing chickens, and improving other general infrastructure. Everyone was highly impressed by Steve's chicken house, quite luxurious:

We walked to see the horses and then to the water collection drain (decades old) that supplies a large dam. Future plans include plantings around the dam and introduction of fish.

After the tour Dylan described the ethics of Permaculture and answered some questions about what a rocket stove is, suggestions for keeping chickens, and a discussion about a co-op approach to local meat production.

A hearty lunch and chat followed.. Thanks Steph for hosting us!!