Goats in action

Post date: Jun 5, 2016

We've had some more helpers recently; a charismatic English guy working in Australia who wanted a 'live' permaculture experience and a French couple who are planning on studying and doing permaculture on their return to France. Matt was here just in time for the Blog event and after watching the epic Introduction to Permaculture video by Geoff Lawton, he quickly came to understand what we are trying to do here and what it's all about. Lucky he is a quick learner as he only had 6 days off work to spend with us. Nonetheless he helped finish fencing the first goat paddock up the hill. This meant the goats had freedom of sorts and can roam around eating what they like; less work for us pruning and gathering their food for them in their pen. We started a shelter for them as well as a protection fence around the avocado and passion fruit vine that is within their paddock. We collected some aged goat manure from a friend and made a compost heap and Matt mostly constructed a firewood box at the back door that will keep more firewood dry and accessible. Thank you man!

helper and firewood box
aged goat manure

The French couple's visit overlapped a couple of days. Claire helped Evita with lots of small tasks; mulching, seeding, transplanting, seed collecting, and so on while Bruno helped continue the goat shelter, gate for their paddock and another door for the new storage shed. Gosh, having helpers gets lots of tasks completed :)

goat shelter collects rainwater
reused gate for goat paddock
transplanting seedlings

While the last helper was here, we made a 'gutter' to try oatgrass - this we cut for chickens and goats if they are in their pen. Guinea pigs like it too. More to be built I think..

Food growing in the greenhouse over winter:

greenhouse food growing

The improved rocket stove mass heater is ready for the coldest nights after adding cobb and reinforced concrete outer around the radiator (gas cylinder):