where is the rain

Post date: Oct 24, 2015

A quick update. Only 4.5mm so far this month and the soil is very dry. Seeds we spread a week ago after raking a pig area have yet to get wet. The birds are stealing them daily despite the hay on top.

Strawberries are trying hard to give us fruit, but the only ones flourishing are in the water garden! They love their water:

The ducks (spot the headless ones working hard) are in the main kitchen garden daily to forage for bugs; slugs and skaters. Hopefully, the next seedlings won't suffer like they did in early Winter. Saving lots of seed from the productive Winter veggies too:

Feeling inspired after a visit today to Carol and Raylee's place near Bolivia (with the BLOG outing). Beautiful garlic and mixed fruit orchard. All organic certified. Loved the use of shipping containers, great landscaping, and solar system: