to net or not to net

Post date: Nov 10, 2015

Have finally completed the netting of some fruit trees next to the carport (and more mulch). And a few other individual trees with good small fruit on them. To protect from the birds and possums, we hope. It means we cannot look for and squash the ever present grasshoppers and other pests, but there are more and more predators in the trees. Spiders, praying mantises, stick insects, and so on. Let them eat too and nature find its balance. Perhaps the nets disrupt this to a degree though?

Apple tree:

Plum tree:

Decided to cut out some cypress pines to give more light and nutrient to the food production areas. Opened it up a lot more:

More planting and mulching after the nice rains:

And the paddock where the pigs were have sprouting seeds. The birds didn't eat them all.

Also, finished painting the rocket stove last week:

and 2 days ago, fired up the rocket stove to test it. After a while it started to draw and then it roared! more testing to come: