SPG - Repair Cafe 2

Post date: May 27, 2017

The second Repair Cafe organised by Stanthorpe Permaculture Group happened today. Many articles of clothing were repaired or improved - several work trousers with holely knees, trousers shortened, and buttons put onto clothes from an Op Shop. While that was happening a general repairer tightened screws on a chair, glued the armrest of another, and fixed the switch on a Swiss made blender! Never seen something (besides chocolate) 'Made in Switzerland'! Now it works again :)

Advice for repairing children's clothes was given so that the owner could go home to fix them instead of throwing them away... away... away to where??

repair in progress

One pair of trousers converted to shorts and the happy blender owner!

repaired items

Unfortunately, due to very poor design - a portable speaker set for i-products whose battery was no longer holding a charge could not even be opened! Destined to be used only when plugged in to power.