Keeping goats on a small scale

Post date: Jul 4, 2016

I decided to share our experience so far in keeping goats. Our intention is to have them for milking to reduce our consumption of outside dairy products. Of course they do good work in the landscape too, eating a huge variety of bushes and grasses and turning it into fertiliser. The video outlines some of the basics of day to day management. Fencing is worth talking about too. They need to be strong and as high as possible. Ours probably aren't high enough and one of the goats did jump over a few times - quite easily. He smartly ended up in the freezer! before teaching the others to do the same... We intend to have 2 large paddocks that go up the hill that we can switch between (1st is fully complete, 2nd needs finishing). We would like to experiment tethering them so that we can take them to a few other places on the property - more on that in the future.