SPG - Chainsaw Maintenance Workshop

Post date: Sep 9, 2017

Evita and I went to the Monster Market (supporting the Wildlife Carers Group) in the morning to set up another Permaculture Group stall to promote the group. We sold some kombucha mothers this time and the small amount of duck eggs we took. Bought a couple of nicely grown apricot seedlings as well as some more acacias for the new Food Forest.

Dylan left half way through the market to meet Howard who had volunteered to share his knowledge about chainsaw maintenance in a short workshop. Learnt a few more tips and serviced a couple of chainsaws, as did the other 2 attendees. Much appreciated! Lesson of the Day - well maintained machines last a lot longer, use less fuel, and are safer!

chainsaw maintenance workshop

Evita had a gift to bring home from a good friend:

Evita and the new dragon

This Malakin Fae creation now sits on and protects the 'obby 'ole: