Pizza oven and Helpers

Post date: Feb 26, 2015

Well, it's been nearly a month since last posting. Too busy (renovating caravan, animals, pizza house windows, etc). and Internet here has been playing up. We just had 2 weeks with heaps of Helpers from Taiwan staying (most we met in Taiwan Permaculture circles). 5 for first week and then 4 the second week. Well, we all had a good time and they helped us catch up on a lot of tasks such as cleaning up the greenhouse and kitchen garden:


Mr Fu created many a treat in the kitchen (along with the bounty from the garden):

and after we shared the pig harvest process, they were able to process the next one:

We continued with the pizza house during the past month, inviting interested people to come and help build the oven for it. The first workshop on 1st Feb allowed a solid foundation, followed by a bread-making workshop on 22nd Feb (we were supposed to build the cobb dome too, but no-one replied to help, so we did it ourselves later). Here is a slideshow of the process so far:

Of course they helped with numerous other tasks and enjoyed their time exploring the local area:

Girraween National Park

Thank you for coming and all your help: