Getting dry 天氣超級乾

Post date: Sep 12, 2013

But Spring is here and the days are getting warmer. Flowers abound and bees buzzzz..


Spring bouquet

Finished the 'triangle bed' yesterday, planted with tomato, basil, sage, thyme, lettuce, and rocket. Yes, photo is before planting, but actually looks almost the same with the thick sugarcane mulch:


triangle garden

Been doing some digging (Vincent and Dylan) over the past few days.. for a grey water system. The dryness has made this a priority as we want to harvest some water at the end of it. Going to use 2 blue barrels (200l ones), an old bath, and one half blue barrel with stones, sand, reeds/plants respectively.

grey water

Evita wanted a herb spiral and so here are 3 photos showing an afternoon's work today:

herb spiral 1

Reuse of bricks I chiselled apart

herb spiral 2

Small rocks added and then horse droppings that we raked yesterday (thanks to Vicki's horses)

herb spiral 3

Completed with mulch (from the dump) and ready for planting in a few days.

Who is the most handsome cat?


Jag !!!