Happy 2016

Post date: Jan 15, 2016

Greetings in the New Year.

Yesterday, Evita finally tried out the solar cooker. The delay was for not having the pot belly black paint. So, after a few spray coats we decided to try it by cooking a cake. We made this solar cooker at the November Permaculture Group event:

The cake was a little undercooked as Evita hadn't yet bought an oven bag, so we'll try again on the next sunny day as she bought one today :) We also got a better pot stand at the dump shop that will allow reflected sun on to the bottom of the pot!

Finally finished the off-grid caravan this week:

off-grid caravan

Featuring: Rainwater harvest off all roof areas, 12V pressure pump for water, kitchen and shower water goes to worm container (with gravel filter), then to storage barrels for pumping on field nearby, hot water heating by spiralled black pipe boosted by wood fired hot water cylinder, solar power systems (one 24V and one 12V, 1 panel each, 600W inverter to 240V from 12V) - two for resilience, refrigeration by a thermostat restricted chest freezer (keeping cold in when opened), rocket stove for cooking, compost toilet, worm farm for kitchen scraps, and small vege garden:

vege garden

Thinking back, the only things bought brand new; 2 water pumps, 2 solar controllers, silicon sealer, 2 tins of expanding foam, gap filler, 1 sarong, LED dome light, minor electronics, minor plumbing fittings, water tank, and a mattress for the caravan. Everything else is from auctions, the dump shop, or salvaged for free.

Continued rains in December and January have kept things green and growing well on the rest of the property. New ducklings and guinea pigs are appearing regularly and more chickens laying!

All the best for 2016!