Late August update

Post date: Aug 26, 2014 11:23:09 AM

Gosh, time flies between posts... Greenhouse has been keeping us busy. We got the plastic on a couple of weeks ago, see it in the distance:

More detailed photos when it is more finished. Am building the rocket stove mass heater inside at the moment. Have planted out seed trays and some of the beds inside.

Also, have worked hard to get the first kitchen garden plot swaled and mulched before some recent rain. The footpath swales slightly slope so that runoff coming in at the top will zigzag through if there is enough water. Half way through:

Supervised by Kev:

Kev the Koala

Completed and read for Spring planting:

Pigs are in their third area yesterday. Chickens are now where the pigs were. After a few days we smooth it and mulch it all ready for planting next month - potatoes and 3 sisters (corn, beans, pumpkins).

PDC Day 5 happened over a week ago and this Sunday will be Day 6 on Trees. Sunday just gone, we went back to prune grapes as part of our Community Wine Project where we are rescuing a neglected vineyard and collectively working towards producing a crop and some wine.