About Us

Dylan started learning about and studying Permaculture some time in 2009 and after 2 years or so of regular self study and practical experiments completed an online PDC course from Permaculture Visions in early 2013:

Evita was introduced to Permaculture by Dylan in mid 2011. This has become a useful accompaniment to her IELTS teaching and tutoring career because of the inclusion of these topics in the examinations nowadays. Evita has attended practical courses with Dylan (as translator) at Yamana garden in the hills of Taipei and this led to taking her PDC certification in June 2013:

Dylan grew up in South Africa and when 16 moved to New Zealand to finish school, complete a Science degree and become a teacher. After 2 years of teaching, international travel and teaching led to 3 years in London, 2 years in Singapore, 1 year in Australia, and 4 years in Taipei. See some diving videos here.

Dylan and Evita moved together to 'Sugarloaf' in June 2013. Since then, they have been pretty much full time immersed in putting Permaculture into action. This has also included starting and running the Stanthorpe Permaculture Group since Jan 2014. This involves activities at various properties as well as workshops. A full PDC was organised in the latter half of 2014 and Dylan taught about 80% of it.

Between 2018 and early 2021, Dylan has done Teacher training with Rowe Morrow and twice attended the Dynamic Groups facilitation with Robin Clayfield. He regularly facilitates workshops with the permaculture group.

Since moving to Sugarloaf Evita has embraced learning many new skills such as making tofu, fermenting, pizza and bread making, small animal preparation and cooking, kombucha, seed saving and vegetable propagation, preserves, and so on. Of course she lends a hand to Dylan when needed as well!

Evita taught on her first PDC (about 25%) in early 2018 when she was back in Taiwan visiting family and has presented various workshops and talks locally. She has also attended the Dynamic Groups training.