The Euc Retreat

Post date: Dec 8, 2016

Evita went away last Friday afternoon for 5 days. I took this opportunity of absence to surprise her with wish - a tree house; well it's turned out to be a platform in a tree. Fortunately, helper Ruby was here, so we worked hard to get this mostly done before Evita got back yesterday. It will be a place for rest, relaxation, meditation, siesta, etc. Here is the build step by step; first 2 beams attached to tree:

start of platform

Cutting panels (sectional garage doors from an auction) in half and then painting cut ends:

Half boards fitting perfectly:

All boards secured and ladder constructed:

Shade sail up, very happy how it turned out - was a daunting task to start:

shade sail up

First safety railing up:

Safety rails up

Mosquito/fly net hooked up - can be quickly removed to help preserve it:

completed tree platform

Ruby's sign (Euc for eucalyptus tree):

Sign on ladder

One happy lady who got quite a surprise as we walked down the trail and she saw it in the distance. After breakfast shot with new haircut:

Happy lady

The basket is on a pulley for taking things up or down. Safest way to descend:

climbing down ladder

Dreams come true, sometimes, sooner than expected, hehehe :)