Another water project - Renovation of reservoir

Post date: Oct 15, 2013

Our 80+ year old reservoir renovation project has taken many many man hours. Tasks included:

1. Removing large rocks (with winch and wire 'basket')

2. Sweeping out the debris

3. Water blasting the whole inside

4. Cutting off and chiselling out of old fence posts

5. Removing loose material from cracks

6. Filling post holes and large holes with mortar

7. Repairing cracks with Crystal fix paste

8. Sweeping and removing many many buckets of sand and debris

9. Painting with Bondall Selasec waterproofer

repair work

Renovation complete - note largest boulder in foreground. Pipes for pumping up and syphoning for irrigation. Old metal pipes blocked up with wood clamped into place. Logs for future deck..

all done and ready for water

Fire pump on cart - water being relayed from very kind neighbour's dam:

fire pump on cart

Reservoir filling:

water filling

Irrigation pipes in Food Forest

irrigation pipes in Food Forest

Dripper on bush:

dripper on bush

Rectangle mulched garden ready for irrigating and planting:

Rectangle mulched garden