Visit to Djanbung Gardens & Lismore

Post date: Jun 11, 2014

We made our trip to Nimbin coincide with the 20 year celebration of Robyn Francis' Permaculture site. Great to finally see it and also what a Permaculture site can look like after 20 years of work!! We met Costa (too briefly) and attended various workshops. Robyn and Costa:

Robyn and Costa

I enjoyed the biochar one first and have a few tips to try myself now.

These were some cookers made with old gas bottles (a waste item in the 'mountain' loads now that the 10 year law is in place!?!) They are made by a local Mens Shed and sent to Vanuatu:

Seed saving was interesting too as the lady from Sydney was saying how this simple act - joining a group and saving seeds can lead to many doors opening if one is dedicated and keen on promoting the benefits.

Forest Classroom - awesome bamboo structure:

One of two islands in the largest of 4 dams - a key asset in a property:

Kitchen garden in front of the egg and meat chickens and pig pen - nice closed loop system where vege and vege trimmings go to animals, their manure goes to compost, compost feeds soil that veges grow in:

Another workshop on plant gestures taught about how weeds indicate things about the soil and how weeds can be used to make brews of liquid fertiliser:

Another function of the fence - an educational walk:

with important messages:

After 2 days at Djanbung, we went to Lismore for a day and a night. We found 2 of their community gardens and visited the waste recovery centre - impressive.

Little Keen Street Community Garden in Lismore:

Dylan taking to guy who built pizza oven - he was getting it ready for the door to be put on:

Brightly coloured pizza oven and fire pit:

As the sign says:

Nice looking, well mulched gardens with active composting, nursery, and storage area:

Rental plots available: