How we set up new veg beds

Post date: May 8, 2015

This area had pigs on it twice with a green manure seed mix spread after the first time. That grew and fed the pigs when they returned (for about 3 hours, just!). Because it was compacted we forked it over and had to remove a ton of rocks as we went. The wall below has grown. Usually we don't dig as it slices up the soil biology. And it takes longer and gives one a sore back! So, in this case it's a one off compromise. Now the soil can breathe and will hopefully stay this way. So, the next steps are to add worms, compost (just a little), egg shells, and diluted worm tea and cover this over with newspaper. Overlap it well and use cardboard for the paths (which are lower):

Water the newspaper as one goes, so it stops it blowing up and can be 'moulded' over contours. Best if one person waters while the other lays paper:

Then add mulch on top (love grass):

And more cardboard on the paths. (So, it's cardboard first, newspaper overlapping on top of the edges of the cardboard, and then more cardboard on top. No weeds, thank you!):

These beds can be planted straight away or left until one is ready. If there was grass/weeds underneath, they'd be dying and being eaten by the soil microbiology.