'obby 'ole

Post date: Apr 7, 2017

Excited to have just about finished the 'obby 'ole today. Site cleaned up and only minor things left to do. Happy with how it has turned out and looking forward to when the plants have grown and it starts to look even better!

Many hands have helped build this structure; from the excavator driver in October to the superadobe course team later that month to many helpers since then - at least 20 different people! We appreciate and value their help.

Here are a couple of recent photos. Pond going in before the soil restoration and plantings:

Path edging, lots of plants in, and mulched a week later:

hobbit treasures

Otherwise, we had even more rain late in March, taking the month's total to an unexpected 237mm! So all tanks, ponds, and dams overflowing:

Late March: another goat shelter about to take shape near front gate:

Two half days and they're in and I don't have to walk/pull them all the way down the driveway and back each day. All built from reused materials, of course:

goat shelter