SPG Gathering - Keyhole garden

Post date: Jan 12, 2015

On Saturday, we went to Ross and Sam's place to create a keyhole garden to kickstart their food production of herbs and veggies.

We decided on a location, laid down cardboard for the paths,

and tested the soil:

As is typical in Stanthorpe, the pH was around 5.5, so we added some lime before putting down the first newspaper layer where the plants will go:

Organic materials at hand went on next and then a ute load of horse droppings and sawdust:

Egg shells, worms, and water followed:

as did a sugarcane mulch covering:

We didn't plant as it was too sunny and hot. I did go home after a yummy late lunch and cut 4 cypress poles to length and cut a piece of old netting; so when that is up, the plants will have some protection (there is no natural shade at all until the sun goes behind the house at about 5pm). Looking forward to the end result and subsequent food bounty!