Censorship in America?

A New Low Even for the IDSA!

The Infectious Disease Society of >>AMERICA<< members and supporters, including its president who shamefully used its members to forcefully back his own censoring attempts, have been working furiously behind the scenes to try to prevent Under Our Skin from being shown to the public.

A part-time radio announcer/writer from the Baltimore Sun has, once again, presented the IDSA's limited views on Lyme disease and the film (forget the patients suffering) falsely claiming the film is "

built on fear-provoking speculations and assertions".

Baltimore Sun Article, Click HERE

Comment From Usha Nellore from Bel Air, Maryland- "

Many of these patient's have never had acute Lyme disease, but they love wearing the "non-classic unique chronic case" badge for Lyme."

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Maryland Public TV made the decision to air the educational film/documentary in spite of the IDSA's attempts to censor it. Three cheers for MPTV!

For those involved with a supposedly medically-oriented group to try to censor a film in this day and age is unthinkable. Perhaps the Infectious Diseases Society of >>AMERICA<< should considering changing its name if it wants to continue its censorship attempts?

Lucy Barnes

Last Updated- April 2019

Lucy Barnes