Multiple Sclerosis & Lyme

Typically, the more a doctor resists checking into Lyme and tick borne diseases as the cause of your symptoms, the more they realize they have probably misdiagnosed other patients over the years, and the less they know about Lyme in general.

As for MS clinics, if you go to a vanilla ice cream store you will most likely get vanilla ice cream, like it or not.

If you've been diagnosed with MS please do yourself a favor and completely exhaust all possibilities that it could be Lyme and or other tick borne infections before settling on the MS (no known cause, no known cure) diagnosis. If you entertain the MS diagnosis without questioning it and find out later it might be Lyme, you can't unpaint that wall. The damage will have been done.

In your search for answers please remember approximately 75% of people with Lyme disease test negative on Lyme tests. Once you have a diagnosis of MS by a doctor, it is a rare day that same doctor will advocate for you or assist you to find different answers for fear of legal actions being brought against them.

The late Dr. Lis Heininger (NY), originally diagnosed with MS, advocated for better research and education on the disease that so greatly affected her life. It wasn't until much later she learned she actually had chronic Lyme disease. Caught earlier, the Lyme disease could have been properly treated with a better outcome for both Lis and her family. Click here to read about Lis.

Spirochetes & Multiple Sclerosis

July 2016 Article

Multiple Sclerosis is Lyme Disease:

Anatomy of a Cover-Up

Misdiagnosis of Lyme Disease as MS

List of Multiple Sclerosis &

Neuroborreliosis Articles

By Bernt-Dieter Huismans

Message From Lisa Torrey

President, National Tick Borne Disease Advocates

"The reason MS can be confused with Lyme is perhaps because it is Lyme? Until we know what causes MS, the door is open. My MS responds very well to Lyme/TBD treatment protocols. Go figure!

I did a lot of research in the beginning when I was first diagnosed with MS. Do I go down the MS route...which gave me no hope...or accept MS could be caused by a pathogen? Below is some of what I dug up in the early years. The choice was clear for me after I read the Geo-Statistical map which shows MS cases vs. Lyme cases... they overlap!

Here is something to consider if you have been diagnosed with MS:

Geo-Statistical Analysis of Possible Spirochetal Involvement in Multiple Sclerosis.

By Megan M. Blewett, Margaret Kilduff

At the time this was written, Ms. Blewett was a brilliant teenager. Dr. Kilduff was the PhD who oversaw the paper she submitted. Ms. Blewett earned a scholarship to Harvard; she was a senior in 2014.


Researchers find further evidence linking Epstein-Barr virus and risk of multiple sclerosis

First long-term study among individuals not infected with EBV suggests EBV infection likely to be a cause of MS, not a consequence HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH

I hope this is helpful and inspires all to think outside the MS box.

Lisa Torrey

Is MS Really Lyme Disease?

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Dr. Alan MacDonald discusses huge impact to millions of lives of sufferers of ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, & MS in a clip from the documentary "Under Our Skin". He subsequently goes on to prove the existence of Borrelia spirochetes (Lyme Disease) in 100% of Alzheimer's brains & finds new spirochetes that cause Lyme Disease in Alzheimer's brains as well as filarial worms in BOTH Alzheimer's brains & MS samples. His next quest is for Borrelia in MS patients.


Lyme Disease (Borrelia bacteria) & filarial nematodes found in Alzheimer's patients (both transmitted by ticks). Now filarial worms have been found in MS too. Both Borrelia & filarial worms are transmitted via a tick bite.


More Information on Lyme & MS


Lyme vs MS from Dr. Susan Marra...Borrelia Lyme Disease spirochetes love fatty acids in brains & neurons. Hmmmm & hence the association in multiple labeled disease with Lyme disease. Alzheimer's/Dementia, MS, Parkinson's, & ALS are all brain & neuron disease. All areas which Borrelia spirochete bacteria LOVE!!!!


Billionaire John Caudwell mentions huge Borreliosis issues globally & mentions ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, & MS.


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