Dont Be A Hopkin's Stooge

May 2019

For decades John's Hopkins has been the place NOT to go if you suspect you have Lyme disease. Their reputation sucks because of the many Lyme patients who have been misdiagnosed or left undiagnosed there.

In spite of their horrible reputation...

Along with other funding, a few years ago (2016) Hopkins received a 10 million dollar grant to explore Lyme disease and develop potential new therapies to address the illness. Johns Hopkins is the only institution in the nation to receive multiple Lyme disease grants from the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation.

The grant was divided among three Johns Hopkins research teams led by John Aucott, M.D.; Ying Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.; and Brian Schwartz, M.D.

John Aucott has been doing research using patients as the study subjects and getting donations from patient's and other sources over the years.

And keep in mind Hopkin's still sticks by the old theory- there is no such thing as chronic Lyme disease- which is why they are NOT recommended as a place to go.

Around the same time Hopkin's got the $10 million grant, Aucott applied for a Lyme related patent. More specifically a PTLDS (Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome) related patent.

In 2015, Aucott's patent application stated:

QUOTE- "Approximately 10% of late Lyme arthritis patients have persistent or recurent objective findings termed post-treatment antibiotic refractory disease. This is thought to be due to autoimmune-mediated inflammation that occurs in geneticaly susceptible individuals, especialy those with Tol-like receptor 1 polymorphism and/or the HLA-DR4 aleles."

  • 1499087549880454523-US20160305956A1

Link Here

First of all, we've known about the HLA-DR4 aleles situation for a long while- that's nothing new.

And as you can see below Aucott is still trying to pass off symptoms that remain after the IDSA standard antibiotic treatment (2-3 weeks) as an auto-immune situation rather than an ongoing infection.

Isn't this what LLMD's already do...

Treat more than once with various antibiotics

If symptoms are still present?

So, they want to use another test to determine

If you should receive more antibiotics?

Will that test work any better than the Lyme tests

They've proven don't work, but they still promote and use anyway?

What if that second course of antibiotics doesn't work either?

And why, if it is only PTLDS and inflammation/immune related

Are they prescribing antibiotics used for infections?

And if your CCL19 doesn't hit the magic number they will have

Created another reason for insurers and others to deny treatment?

People who have PAID to be seen at Hopkins may know they would be used in a study, however, did they know Hopkins has millions in funding and the use of their personal info could be twisted and then used to deny others treatment or to get a patent? (It wouldn't be the first time that has happened there.)

Saving Grace Or Not?

The last line in the clip above states the application status is abandoned. So, 4 years of "studying" and people being used as guinea pigs only to find out something didn't go right? What's that about?

Until they stop putting profits before patients...

RUN, Don't Walk, From Hopkins!

To Note- In my opinion the ONLY decent Lyme related research at Hopkins are the studies being done in the lab by Ying Zhang, M.D., Ph.D and his team. They are actually looking for a cure using essential oils and/or antibiotics already approved and on the market. Go team go!

Last Updated May -2019

Lucy Barnes