Stop Funding the Idiots!

1/31/2020- We have worked so hard for decades trying to get patients the help they need. Sometimes, there are new groups that pop up and by not knowing what they are doing give funds to people we KNOW are very bad apples!

Each time a bad study is published it REALLY hurts us. It also sets us backward by years sometimes.

The publication below was funded by the Global Lyme Alliance. It isn't the first time they've funded the very people who have been crushing us and taking away our ability to be treated!

And they should KNOW better!

One of the two authors was on the 2006 IDSA Lyme disease guidelines, and is AGAIN on the 2019 IDSA Lyme disease guidelines. That one document has caused an unknown number of people to become chronically ill, disabled and/or caused their death.

The published "study" below doesn't even qualify as a study. It is a rehash of Gary Wormsers rehash of his own stupid and dangerous theories. It has absolutely NO new information, and certainly NO helpful information in it.

It also sets us back because it will be used to deny insurance reimbursements, to support doctors not treating us, used against our doctors by medical boards, etc.

It will also negatively affect people world wide because one author is from the USA, and the other one isn't. (Both have the same last name.)

If Global Lyme Alliance or any other individuals or groups can't hunt with the big dogs, they should get off the porch! We don't need more bad news or any more bad studies! We don't need that kind of help!

Posttreatment Symptoms in Lyme Borreliosis

Klemen Strle1 and Franc Strle2

1Laboratory of Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology, Division of Infectious Diseases, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Albany, New York, USA, and 2Department of Infectious Diseases, University Medical Center Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Grant Support From Global Lyme Alliance

A platform to allow the old studies to be used (AGAIN) to prove we aren't infected after treatment.

Another OLD excuse as to explain why we are sick... we don't have Lyme disease, we have the "aches and pains" of daily living just like everyone else.

Subjective symptoms- what they call Post Treatment Lyme Sydrome- don't really matter and are difficult to study.

Subjective symptoms are just annoying "noise" and aren't important.

Message to doctors... only treat symptoms because no one can prove patients are infected.

Last updated- January 2020

Lucy Barnes