Part 2- Symptom List- Chronic Patient


Stammering speech

Slurring speech

Open mouth to speak- no words come out as if they were lost somewhere.

Can’t follow more than one person talking to me, or me trying to talk to more than one person at a time.

Mouth does not co-ordinate with words

Refusal to speak because it is too difficult at the time.

Big delay from having question asked and responding to it. Have to think of an answer or possible answers and see a picture, then describe the picture.

Lose track of thoughts while speaking, often in mid-sentence.

Can’t understand simple questions and sound stupid or as if I am lying trying to give answers.

Not knowing if answers are appropriate to questions asked when done responding.

Forget what I am saying or thinking about in mid-sentence and can’t recall it at all.


Long term memory loss- noticed more things missing from past things I have done

Short term memory loss noticed more or less problems

Problems with numbers and sequencing them or counting

Can’t remember my phone number

Can’t remember phone numbers or addresses of regular people I call or write

Can’t remember how old I am

Don’t know the date.. month, day, or year.. at any given time

Forget to check mail for more than one week at a time

Forget list to go to the store. If I take it I forget to bring it in the store.

Get so I don’t know where I am and have to really try hard to figure it out

Forget where vehicle is parked or what door I went in- totally unfamiliar

Lock keys in the car more than 8 out of ten times

Forget to take shoes or necessary items in the car when going out somewhere

Forget coat, sweater, or clothing when going out.

Get to town and forget why I’m there. There is a long re-orienting time to get the job at hand completed

Can’t go from here to there without starting from a familiar place (must go the long way or start from scratch to think how to get somewhere)

Rambling on in great detail while talking and skipping around subjects- like there is no control

Short attention span while doing things and wandering off task

Short or no attention span while listening or trying to read

Agitated at others while they speak, for no reason except that I have to listen to them. Listening is difficult because I must try to absorb everything that is said, mix it up so I can understand it in my own way, then try to find a spot to “store” it so I can respond. All the trying in the world doesn’t help the situation a lot of the time.


What meds are you taking?

How long before herx?

Worse than last herx?

Fever or chills?

Depression, wimpy, whiny?

Sleep more or rest more?

More pain and where?

Problems that were the worst?

How long did it last?

Did anything help it?

Any functioning during herx or bed/home bound?

Did you stop medications at all or back off?

Allergic reaction to any meds?


Bladder hesitancy

Bladder frequency

Loss of bladder awareness

Urinary retention

Incontinence, dribble

Symptoms of UTI

Blood in urine- visible- or by test

Dark colored urine- like cola

Dark colored urine- like strawberry soda

Urine foamy- like soapy

Strong smell of ammonia in urine

Strong smell of urine


PMS symptoms exaggerated- ver much so.

Early menopause symptoms that lasted for years.


Irregular time, early or late

Irregular amount of flow- flooding


Disturbed estrogen and/or progesterone levels

Loss of sex drive


Moodiness, wimpy, whiny

Missed periods

Flooding 10 days to 14 days

Flooding month round- non-stop for months to years

Very high estrogen levels, very low progesterone.


Pain in stomach or intestines

Abdominal bloating

Abdominal pain and cramping. like perhaps ulcer pain

Nausea, gagging


Spastic and painful colon and muscles inside colon painful

Colon spasms- pain strong enough to wake me up from sleep

Stomach acid reflux- burning

Indigestion and burning not caused by food

Loss of day time appetite

Every few weeks vomiting spells with headaches for a week or more

Eating barely anything for days- then like a light bulb went off- I feel starved and eat anything and everything around me


Photosensitivity to certain kinds of light, such as:

A. Flickering light by fluorescent lights- causing seizures, panic attacks, misery, violent behavior, craziness, crying, or other inappropriate responses

B. TV or computer screens sensitivity to where I can’t watch or use them

C. Headlights of oncoming cars or shining reflective lights hurt eyes and confuse me

D. Halo’s around lights, especially headlights, and reflective street signs

E. Moon- see double or triple moons

Swelling around eyes and eye lids

Eyes water for no reason and light makes them water more and hurt

Blurry vision

Double vision

Floaters- triangle shaped or rectangled shapes- dark box with dots inside on clear background- white, silver or black colors

Yellowish, greenish, or white discharge from eyes

Eye pain

Eyes aching

Eyes itchy

Eyes burning

Foggy covering over eyes

Can’t focus far to near or back again- sometimes all day long

Like looking through a white film over everything I see

Left eye can’t turn to the left

Dark circles (sometimes purple) under eyes and swelling or puffy

Black eyes

Purple/black eyes with yellow skin on the inside corners

Black eyes with blister-like bumps at edges

Transient blindness or blind spots in center of vision

Sensations that the light is fading out or getting dull

Argyll-Robertson pupil- left side

Unequal pupils

Pupils don’t close together at the same time

Sunlight hurting eyes to the point of pain, tears, dizziness, and nausea


Blood pressure too high or low (max and min- 240/140 high to 40/nothing)

Irregular heart beat or skipping beats

Fast pulse, weak, thready

Thudding or thumping heart beats here and there, especially laying down at night

Squeezing chest pain or like someone is standing on my ribs feeling

Like bra is too tight feeling

Skipping beats or dancing

Heart beats hard and thuds with light activity

Fluttering fast heart while laying down at night or while trying to get up in the morning- like heart is trembling

Must move by holding onto things and only from chair to chair and heart is acting up


Food allergies from leaky gut- different ones- any better/worse

Sinusitis and clogged up

Postnasal drip- constant

Allergic or chemical hypersensitivity's problems

Soaps, gas, fumes, pine trees, perfumes, new car interior, new clothes smell, candles, etc make me feel very sick

Overly dry sinuses

Very thick and sticky phlegm (clear).


Hair loss in circle patches or general thinning

Hair growing faster than normal

Fingernails break easily and lose strength

Fingernails growing fast and strong

Body hair growing faster or slower


Ice pick type pain in one ear or the other

Jaw pain like a severe tooth ache

Clenching teeth day or night or both

Jaw popping out of joint

Jaw overlapping at joint

Jaw pain R or L

Tooth pain- upper- lower- right- left

Lip numbness or tingling or half of lip numb

Tongue- loss of strength or movement- paralyzed on one side

Difficulty swallowing or chewing food or liquids- choking often

Gums swelling and fluid filled pouches along bones and gums

Ear and face pain from jaws hurting

Continual accidental biting of tongue (ver hard) when talking or trying to chew

Jaw bones pop out of joint and that hurts


Water on the knees, swelling, or knee pain

Bone pain anywhere (especially very tender shins, arm bones, leg bones)

Gout-like pain in toe- sharp stabbing pain

Dislocating shoulders without reason other than from muscle spasms

Pain in hip bones (pelvis bones and edges) and tender to touch

Sharp pain in tailbone when trying to sit

Feels like one hip is fused with the other.. not two separate ones

Swelling over the bones in elbows

Arthritis pain in joints

Fluid filled lump at the base of my tailbone- size of a golf ball- eventually breaks open and drains internally.

Very painful shin splints- not just in front, but sometimes on outsides of calves, inside calves or in the back of lower legs. Too painful to walk for weeks at a time. Repeated episodes.


Swollen glands in neck or behind or below ears

Swollen lymph nodes and extremely tender along breast bone

Swollen nodes in groin area

Swelling nodes in groin and infected/draining

Swollen nodes in arm pits

Other swollen lymph nodes/glands

Swollen, puffy, painful spleen. (Yes, I CAN tell Dr. Dummy- had it before several times)

Kidney pain on either side


Light cough

Pressure in upper chest, below the center of the neck. In upper sternum and across, from shoulder to shoulder.

Noticing VERY shallow breaths, like I am hibernating

Difficulty breathing. Shortness of breath feeling, like not getting enough air when I breath.

Feeling like diaphragm is not wanting to move on its own

Hyperventilating spells if sitting or standing upright that are severe enough to seek medical assistance

Shortness of breath- panting

Rib soreness and pain or muscle spasms

Burning pain between ribs. VERY painful making entire rib cage hurt badly.

Feeling as if I have to remind myself to breathe. Many episodes of it. Very scary.

Ribs twisted out of place from muscle spasms or inflammation and they become very painful. Like a stabbing pain.

Rib muscles spasm and shift ribs out of place so they overlap each other. They also twist out of place along the sternum causing sharp pain when ribs meet sternum.


ALL noise startling and annoying to the point of maddening

When phone rings I jump, badly startled

Ringing in ears

Buzzing in one or both ears

Pain in and behind right ear. If I lightly pull on the outside of my ear- something breaks loose and drains inside my head. Like ice pick pain accompanies it- shooting and stabbing. Extremely bad pain.

Off balance- walking sideways when trying to go straight and legs crossing over each other instead of moving forward

Can’t watch TV or understand it or I don’t have the attention span to follow it

Strain to see TV and it hurts eyes and/or ears

Furnace running and refrigerator humming noise sounds very loud and makes me lose focus and be unable to think right

Can tell music is on, hear it, but don’t “absorb” it. Sounds like annoying noise sometimes.

Can’t listen to the pitches in women’s voices sometimes without wanting to scream

Voices sound faint or distant or muffled

Can’t pick up voices if there is any background noise

Hypersensitivity to sounds

Noises are loud and echoing

Loss of hearing and must have things turned way up to hear them.

Use of phone causes ears to turn red and burn badly

If wind blowing across ear (like window down driving in car) it makes me very ill.


Feels like a balloon is in my skull instead of a brain. Seems to feel swollen and “bulging” and as if it pushes my head bones from the inside and there are bubbles trying to pop out but they can’t

Swollen jaw and sinus area on right with extreme pain. Hurts to touch even lightly

Swelling and pain behind the ears, mostly right side

Jaw bone areas swell with fluid pouches and feel raw

Super tight bathing cap feeling across entire head causing tight, skull crushing headaches

Swollen foot- elephant size...not normal edema... so bad that toes disappear in swelling

Legs swell from knees down and turn very white

Ankles and feet swell

Nothing swells and feet turn very white with a bluish tint in places

One arm ice cold and tingling or numb- especially right upper arm on the back side.. other arm not as cold and numb, sometimes even warm while other one is cold


Weak and unable to stay up for more than 2 hours at a time

Extreme weakness in body

Hard to hold head upright- no neck strength

Moving around means going from one chair to the next before exhausted and having to sit down

Can’t seem to catch breath


“Instant” memory problem, forget in the middle of something

Do not think of things in advance of doing something that would be normal to most

Run into walls or doorways, misjudge spaces and distances

Tip or fall over while walking or standing

Misjudge distances to place items on something

Get distracted and wander away from tasks- and start new tasks

Repeatedly bumping into things with the left side of the body

Dropping things from hands for no reason

Forget something is being carried in my hand till hand is needed again for something else

Lost in my own neighborhood area or going to wrong places when I know better

Distraction or loss of focusing- the “duh” attacks

Feels like I have to tell my arms to move when I need them to do something or reach out

Feels like I need to tell my legs to move and in what direction to be able to walk

Delay in “thinking... and then doing”- Slow response time

Not recognizing that colors are all around... only seeing shades of black, gray, and white

Seeing a color totally different than the actual color- (see green phone and it appears purple)

Not seeing 3 dimensional, things appears flat, or one sided

Ground feels like it is moving, rippling, swaying- or like I am walking on a boat

Words on written page look like this : word (The end of the word looks like the print is smaller than the beginning)

Words sway or bulge out from the page and wave up and down or move on the page

Problem with multiple concepts or doing two things at once

Inappropriate words.. say “pink” when looking at a “blue” object

Inappropriate words when speaking- like saying tomorrow instead of yesterday

Saying words messed up, like Sountain Foda

Personality changes- better or worse

Hostile for no reason or fits of nasties or yelling

Crying for no reason or too much

Handling stress poorly- stop the world I want to get off feelings

Saying numbers wrong or not being able to say/write the name of the number being seen

Word, letter, or number reversals when writing

Writing letters or numbers backwards

Abnormalities of taste

Abnormalities of smell

Heightened sensitivity to vibrations or movements

Sensations of falling forward or backwards

Walking with an unsteady gait, stopping to be balancing along on table edges, walls, etc

Walking stiff legged and like a monster or a severe waddle

Legs giving out while walking

Knee buckling for no reason

Emotional disaster days

Feeling apart from everything

Intrusive obsessive thoughts

Intrusive images or sounds

Trouble finding words needed to communicate

Trouble reading and understanding what was read

Feel like my mind is gone or going fast

Panic attacks

Obsessive- compulsive stuff

Severe anxiety

Constant anxiety

Objects seem distorted, side ways or misshaped

Can’t make a straight line and lines appear slanted when they are straight

Vivid nightmares or repetitive thoughts at bedtime

Hallucinations during the day

Loss of drive and “want to”

No imagination or “sparks”

Perceived alteration of limb size and shape- jumbo or tiny, long or short- circus mirror

Feeling like there is a delay between an event happening and knowing it happened

Feels as though time is standing still

Feels like there will be no future or “later”

No idea if I have responsibility of anything other than what is in my face at the time

Forget family exists unless they are there in front of me

Feels like sinking sensation as though legs (or car wheels) are beneath ground level

Feelings are dull and blunted

Capacity to experience most emotion is lost

Having to act as if playing a “part” to get something done

Ideas are in my mind but I see them from an outsiders view and deal with second person

Withdrawn and anti-social

Tunnel/corridor vision

Suicidal thoughts

Thoughts of wanting to quit

Thoughts of wanting to die but not have to kill myself and make a mess

No smiling or fun in my life

Fear that is not justified and blown out of proportion


Fix food and forget to eat it

Miss meals totally because of forgetting

Very thirsty

Weight gain or loss

Chocolate, salt, sugar, or other cravings

Food restrictions

Tested and had developed 49 food allergies. Before Lyme there were none.

Eat all day some days and barely at all other days- either very hungry or not at all hungry.


Yeast infection in mouth

Tongue splitting open

Not able to taste food or smell food

Vaginal yeast infection

Skin yeast infection


Sore or scratchy throat, especially one-sided

Voice changes while speaking

Voice is gone sometimes.

Hypoglycemia like feelings

Flip back to southern accent, especially when tired because I can’t control it.

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Last Updated- April 2019

Lucy Barnes