Round Round, Get Around, I Get Around

When getting around outdoors becomes more difficult or painful, here are some other modes of transportation you may want to consider. Some of them, of course, won't be suitable for everyone. None of the links shared below represent any endorsement of the products- they are simply ideas for you to explore.

Today's music selection to highten your enjoyment- Beach Boys

All Terrain Vehicle Wheel Chair (shallow water and land)

Riding Coolers

All Terrain Self-Propelled Coolers (sit on and drive)

Golf Carts

Electric Motorcycles

Excel G-Explorer Self Propel All Terrain Wheelchair

Self-propelled Go Kart Roller Scooter

Personal Robot- Ride Like A Hoverboard

Rambo Electric Power Bike

Used John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles

Electric Bicycles

All Terrain Motorcycle

IN THE FUTURE- The Concept The Alpino- recreational ice fishing snowmobile

Last Update- March 2019

Lucy Barnes