Will Tremour Go Away With Treatment?


Quote- "I've had a new and troubling symptom recently. It's what my doctor calls "intention tremors" in both hands, worse in the left than in the right, as my right is my dominant hand.

This is troubling for me because ... I use my hands all day, to write, talk, etc. It's not presently a situation where my hands are visibly shaking. It's more like doing intricate things is a bit more challenging - writing neatly, buttoning buttons, tapping a small link on my iphone, etc.

Does anyone have experience with improving this symptom? What has worked for you? Should I just succumb and expect this to get worse over time? Is this a losing battle?

Obviously, it's quite mentally challenging, troubling, and depressing to be dealing with. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful reply.


I researched this for you and didn't find any cases where tremor, even whole body tremor and intentional tremor, didn't improve with treatment. Sharing some quotes and links to the sources for you...

First, tremor is described in both children and adults. In children you will sometimes see ataxia and tremors, sometimes together.


Study reporting info on a 23 year old women with tremor.



Study quote ..."resting tremor in upper limb fingers" in an adult. (The original study was in Russian, so the translation may seem odd.)



In this study serotonin was used to reduce tremors in a Lyme patient. They call it 5-hydroxytriptamine (5-HT). See additional serotonin info below.

QUOTE- "The result of the three-month treatment with 5-HT was a gradual diminution of the tremor and the ataxia and an increase in the ability to eat, walk and work independently."


Serotonin Info



"Toward the end of the ceftriaxone regimen, the neurologic signs [generalized tremor] substantially improved."



A young girl with "total body tremor" used therapeutic exercise and gait training. The study states... "After 18 weeks of treatment, the patient achieved 96.7% of her predicted distance on the Six-Minute Walk Test with normal gait mechanics and returned to playing high school sports.

She had a manual muscle test grade of 4/5 or greater in major extremity muscle groups. She returned to school and church participation with minimal total body tremor when fatigued and daily pain rated 0 to 3/10."



In this study they indicate tremor was a symptom and although it improved with standard treatment they also actually say not to treat if symptoms continue.. Of course, additional treatment would be an option.


This 1993 study states: "Neurological problems occurred 15 years after the tick bite with headache, nystagmus, intentional tremor and spastic paraparesis with sphincter disturbances. ...

The patient reacted favourably to intravenous crystal penicillin 20 x 10(6) units daily during 18 days. Till now, she is in remission and has only mild paresis of the left leg."

Lucy Barnes

August 2017