Lyme Misdiagnosed As Shingles in 62 Year Old Man

"Because the symptoms of Lyme disease overlap with those of other disorders, it is possible to receive a false diagnosis. Some patients with Lyme disease are misdiagnosed as having shingles, a painful skin inflammation caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox, according to Wormser."

"Among the 88 patients presenting with EM, 20 (23%) had been previously misdiagnosed without the initiation of appropriate antibiotic treatment (Table ​(Table2).2). In 13 (65%) of these 20 patients, the rash had been observed but incorrectly identified or treated. Rashes were often misidentified by clinicians and patients as a spider bite, cellulitis, or shingles..."

"Though less common, blisters may appear in the center of a Lyme disease rash and can be mistaken for a spider bite or the rash of shingles."

"My GP worried for my mental health as the stress of it all took its toll. I had panic attacks, cried easily, became confused. I came out in shingles."

Last Update- March 2019

Lucy Barnes