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Much Less Expensive Than Traditional Labs

Some Kits Offer On-The-Spot Instant Results

Some Test Kits Are For Lyme Only

Some Test Kits Are For Multiple TB Diseases

Order Test Kits In Advance To Be Ready IF You Are Bitten

Free Tick Tests For Pocono, PA Residents

Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test Kit- DNA/PCR

You Can Order Kit On Amazon- $27.99 (free shipping with Prime)

OR- Order A Kit Directly From Cutter- $24.99 (plus $4.99 shipping)

Order Kit(s) To Have On Hand To Save Time- Test Results Emailed In 3 Days

No Extra Cost For Test Results With Purchase of Cutter Test Kit. Lyme testing only.

This Cutter tick testing kit comes with everything you need in case you find a tick on you or your pet: tweezers, alcohol wipe, small baggie for the tick, mailing label and instructions -- all included in a small plastic case for easy storage until needed. When you find a tick, place it inside the baggie. Put the baggie in a regular envelope and attach the mailing label (you need to use your own stamp).

Additional Sources For Tick Test Kits

Each Kit Below Has A Different "Deal" Attached- so please read info at the site carefully before making a purchase.

Tic-Kit- $35.99 (Amazon- free shipping with Prime)

No additional fee for obtaining test results. Free shipping label included to mail tick to lab.

*Includes laboratory PCR assessment for Babesia, Bartonella, Borrelia and Ehrlichia/Anaplasma. Uses Pharmasan Labs in Osceola, WI.

LymeNator- $14.95 plus shipping (

Lymenator Instant Tick Test for Lyme-causing bacteria. (No co-infections)

*On-site test. No sending ticks to a lab. Results within 10 minutes. Test up to 5 ticks at one time.

Lyme-aid Diagnostic Tick Remover & Testing Kit- $8.99 for kit, PLUS $39.95 for results (Amazon free shipping of kit if you have Prime membership- additional cost to get results currently $39.95) For Humans & Pets

Marshall Tick Releaser Spray & Mail-In Test Kit- $7.02 (*Amazon free shipping)


Test for one disease = $25.00

Test for three diseases = $50.00

Test panel (all 7 diseases) = $75.00 (recommended)

* Anaplasma * Babesia * Ehrlichia

* Lyme Disease * Bartonella

* Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

* Tularemia see less

Lyme & Tick Borne Disease Labs

(Human Testing)


Walk In Lab- Order Online

Uses Labcorp or Quest Lab

No Doctor's Signature Required

Phone for Information: 800-539-6119

LabCorp: Online lab testing is prohibited in MA, MD, NY, NJ and RI.

Quest Diagnostics: Online lab testing is prohibited in NY, NJ and RI.

ADDITIONAL Order Your Own Lab Tests

(No Doctor's Signature Needed)

Accesa Labs

23 and Me (genetic testing)

Any Lab Test Now!

Discount Online Blood Chemistry Tests (Uses Quest Lab)

Health One- (Standard tests- not Lyme)

Request A Test

True Health Lab

Ulta Lab Tests

Traditional Labs For

Tick Borne Disease Testing


IGeneX, Inc.

Lyme & Other Tick Borne Diseases

Palo Alto, CA

Phone: 1-800-832-3200 Toll free

Fax: 1-650-424-1196

Milford Molecular Diagnostics

Lyme DNA Test

Milford, CT 06460

Phone: 203-878-1438

Galaxy Diagnostics

Bartonella & Other TBD's

Morrisville, NC 27560

Phone: 919-313-9672

DNA Connections

Lyme & Tick Borne Diseases

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Phone: 719-219-2826

Clongen Laboratories, LLC

Lyme & Tick Borne Diseases

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Phone: 301-916-0173

Advanced Laboratory Services

Lyme Culture Tests

Phone: 855-238-4949

Fry Laboratories, L.L.C.

Tick Borne Diseases

Scottsdale, AZ

Phone: 866-927-8075

Medical Diagnostic Lab, LLC

Tick Borne Diseases

Hamilton, NJ 0869

Phone: 877-269-0090

Ceres Nanosciences

Lyme Urine Test


Phone: 703-722-0731

Immunosciences Lab, Inc.

Lyme & Viruses

Los Angeles, CA 90035

Phone: 310-657-1077

Select Labs Offering

Other Related Tests

Genelex Lab

Liver Enzymes, MTHFR, etc.

3101 Western Ave., Ste. 100, Seattle, WA 98121

800-TEST-DNA (800-837-8362) or 800-523-3080

BioHealth Diagnostics

Adrenal Testing

Phone 619-223-7074

Genova Diagnostics

Detox Profile, Hair Testing

Phone 800-522-4762

Meridian Valley

Allergy, Hormone Testing

Phone 425-271-8689


Ion, Urine Testing

Phone 800-221-4640

Saliva Hormone Testing (Men/Women)

Dr. John R. Lee

You can purchase the test kits online and they will be promptly mailed to you with specific instructions.

The kits come from ZRT Laboratory, a respected provider of hormone testing products.

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Just because a lab or test kit is listed above does not mean it is an endorsement of the product. We do not receive any perks or money for having these labs or kits listed here. Please do your own research for best results.

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