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MarylandLyme.org has a selection of free printable handout material available in PDF files at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to copy and share them. They may appear fuzzy on the computer screen, but they print out clearly.

Additional Handout Material- Most of the links below take you to organizations that provide free or low cost Lyme disease literature. Some groups allow you to print your own brochures/booklets from their on-line files. There may be a fee for shipping or to cover printing costs when you place orders with some of the organizations.

REMEMBER- Please order brochures as far in advance as possible to assure delivery in time for your program or event!

Organizations Offering

Lyme Disease Literature

Lyme Disease Association of SE PA

Basic Books (Print or Order)- Click Here

Get it Right, Treat The Bite!

Tick Bite Treatment Protocols for Adults & Children

Click Here

Lyme Disease Association (LDA)

Order Brochures Here

*Postage fee of $10.00 per order- maximum 200 items

Under Our Skin (to order DVD's)

Click Here

Lyme Disease & Your Dog

Printable Handout

Lyme Disease Awareness Products

If you are searching for Lyme disease

Awareness products to purchase

This list may be helpful.

Please click here.

Last Updated- February 2019

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