Glutathione Information

RX Information- In case you’d rather use the transdermal form of Glutathione ( rub it on your skin and it absorbs), here are some links to pharmacies that will compound it for you and ship it to you (with a prescription, of course). There are other compounding pharmacies that will help you, so please do check around.

BTW- Some docs say the oral kind (and inhaled?) aren’t as effective. Plus, you won’t have to “taste” this form if using it orally, which in many cases really helps get us through this mess.

Here is the written RX for the pharmacist if you are interested.

Glutathione Transdermal Cream. Apply 2 X day to arms and legs for Lyme/TBD neurodegenerative disorder. #120

500 MG/ML- 2 X day to arms and legs.

IV PUSH- You can try the IV Gluthione PUSH too if you have a doc or nurse willing to do it. The RX is below.

Often the docs (LLMD’s) charge a LOT for doing it in the office, you have to make a special trip to have it done and it’s not usually covered by insurance. For those reasons I think the transdermal cream is the best option for some and much cheaper.

General Information About Glutathione & Its Benefits

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Last Updated- October 2020

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