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The Tale of Jumari

A True20 Adventure Roleplaying campaign by TIm Emrick

"The Tale of Jumari" began as a solo campaign for my wife Erika, which went on hiatus after just a couple of sessions in 2006. JUmari was reactivated in 2007 as a character for the playtest of my True20 conversion of "Dead Man's Quest." The following information on the character and campaign is archived here:

Jumari Boneface: Our half-orc heroine.

Temple of the Death God Narrator Characters: Golman, Bianka Altanish, Fletch.

"The Tale of Jumari": Summaries of the sessions of this campaign.

"Dead Man's Quest" (True20 Conversion): At Tim's Errata Archive.

[Jumari Boneface was later reinvented as a Pathfinder character for my "Time of the Tarrasque" campaign, which started in 2017.]