Past Lives

This page gathers selected material from my two previous Freeport campaigns, which were set in H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands (based on The Complete Dreamlands, for the Call of Cthulhu RPG). 

The Dreamlands

The Ooth-Nargai Campaign (D&D v.3.0, 2000-2002)
My first campaign consisted of The Freeport Trilogy plus a few short adventures between those three parts.

Soldshort's Folly (2nd-level adventure)
The Muston House (3rd-level adventure)
The PCs, at campaign's end: 

Secrets of Freeport (D&D v.3.5, 2004-2005)
"Secrets" consisted entirely of adventures of my own creation (but none of my notes for them survive in complete enough form to share).

The PCs, at campaign's end: 
Background Characters (NPCs tied to PCs' backgrounds)

Studded Plate
The following installments of my gaming blog, "Studded Plate," present material related to the Dreamlands and/or my past Freeport campaigns. View all columns tagged "Freeport" to see additional setting content not directly related to Ooth-Nargai, Secrets of Freeport, or Winds of Freeport.