About "Winds of Freeport"

"Winds of Freeport" is a Pathfinder RPG campaign set in Green Ronin's award-winning Freeport: The City of Adventure setting. 

Our protagonists--"heroes" is too shiny a term for such scurvy dogs--are the motley crew of the Growler, a pirate ship formerly known as the Sea Cat. In between treasure-hunting sea voyages, they brave the horror-tainted streets of the pirate haven of Freeport. 

This campaign started as a v.3.5 campaign in 2011, and was converted to Pathfinder in 2014. It uses the new Pathfinder RPG edition of Freeport: The City of Adventure, released in 2015. (Update: "Winds of Freeport" concluded in August 2016.)

--Tim Emrick, GM

About Freeport

These pages offer player background on the Freeport setting. 

The World of Freeport: The Serpent's Teeth, the Continent, and beyond.

Freeport Lore: Short entries on many topics.

A Very Brief History of Freeport

City Districts

The Captain's Council

Gods of Freeport: Gods worshiped in Freeport and on the Continent. 

Winds of Freeport

House Rules: House rules for the campaign, including character creation guidelines.

Character Manager: Stats for the crew of the Growler.

Session Logs: Information on the campaign's adventures, including a session list, additional background, and teasers.

Past Lives: Information on my two Freeport campaigns previous to "Winds of Freeport."