Puzzle 8 -- The Fields of Montgomery County


The box is hidden somewhere...

Join us for a tour! See great people and the honors they’ve obtained!


A blue cross on a white field

A blue cross, outlined in white, on a red field

A field of blue, above a field of yellow

A red plant on a white field, bordered on left and right by red bars

The Southern Cross, in red, on a blue field, with the Union Jack in the upper left

Three horizontal stripes, orange, white and green, with a wheel in the center

Two blue bars, with a blue star between them

A yellow cross on a blue field

Call me.

[Solution: Teams realize that the descriptions on the page referred to flags, and the flags referred to the nationalities of Fields Medal winners. Once the names of the locations in Montgomery County were found, a letter was extracted from the descriptions of the locations to obtain a letter. The letter was then indexed into locations, and, with the help of a note on the website, the phone number of (312) 476-9873 was obtained.]

  • Hint 1: Are these tour guides Nobel winners? No, silly, they’re mathematicians! The image captions also sure seem indicative of something about the locations...
  • Hint 2: How do you match the mathematicians with the sites? Perhaps something about the descriptions of the locations might help.
  • Hint 3: When matching the mathematicians to the locations, there are two things about the location descriptions that help link them to the specific mathematicians. You'll need to use both to move on to the next step.
  • Hint 4: Once you’ve extracted a letter (or three) from each location, how can you use the location names to get a number? Oh yeah, and where's Agent X calling from?

Available Star: None