Puzzle 8 - Invisible Ink


Upon going to Willard, teams get a flashlight, and the verbal message “Look back and reflect on where mathematics will take you”.

[Solution: Teams must shine the UV light on the message “Where will mathematics take you?” on the wall in Mr. Chase’s room (319). Above the “you” they find “to the doorstep of Pisa”. Realizing that the “doorstep of Pisa” is a reference back to Puzzle 2, where 314 was in the location of Pisa on the map, teams go to the bottom of the door at 314. After shining a light on the folder they find a message out of Greek symbols. After realizing that it is a substitution cipher, teams get the message “Check the corners ONE time FOUR certainty and TWO be sure”. Going to the career office (room 142) yields a box in the corner, and teams have thus solved the puzzle! ]

  • Hint 1: Hola amigos vos realizandos what I am saying parce que language does not matter.

Available Star:

Some other hidden star(s) appear in the Pi Maze mural at the mural itself and the crab.