Puzzle 2 -- Et tu?

Puzzle: Teams find a document online containing the following:

[Solution: A and B refer to the years of death of “Sixtus Two” (Pope Sixtus II) and “Lucius Paullus”. A is 258 and B is 216. Adding these together gives you the three digit number 474. Dividing the letters into three sets of length 4, 7, and 4 and Caesar shifting these phrases by the number designated below the bracket (18, 3, and 15) gives “JCHA,” “SECOMBR,” and “UTUS”. Combining them gives “JCHASECOMBRUTUS,” which is the solution to the puzzle, jchase.com/brutus.]

  • Hint 1: The three numbers in the brackets add up to a very familiar number...
  • Hint 2: If only Sixtus Two and Lucius Paullus were still around to help you… Either way, something shifty is going on.
  • Hint 3: Ironically, Caesar only likes the little numbers below the brackets. (If you tell us why it’s ironic, you get a star!)

Available Star: From Hint 3, teams realize the three numbers represent the day of Caesar's death, March 15, 44 AD (44 mod 26 = 18).