Puzzle 6 - Connect the Dots


Teams go to room 361, and get a sheet of transparency paper with numbers, and another paper with color based graphs.

[Solution: Teams realize that this relates to the DC Metro. After realizing this, teams realize that the second paper is a color adjacency graph for 5 different stations. Identifying the stations, and matching these stations up with the numbers on the transparency paper, allows for teams to get the numbers 32 19 31 3 21. Teams go to locker number 3219, with the locker combo 31 3 21, and find the next puzzle. ]

  • Hint 1: The colors of the rainbow, now complete with Silver (and possibly Purple).
  • Hint 2: Friendly colors stick next to each other and make graphs together.
  • Hint 3: Try overlaying things; then it’ll be transparent to see what you get.

Available Star:

After teams solve the puzzle, and go to the locker, they will find that the back of the lock has a star drawn on it.