Puzzle 1 - Maze Runner


“Isn’t the artwork in the hallways of RM amazeing? It really has the power to transport you to new places!”

[Solution: Students realize that this points to the Pi Maze mural in the hall. After they solve the maze, they go through letters and portions of 4 murals. Going to these murals in the order of traversal yields a series of numbers letters and numbers, which when combined with the letters found in the maze, gives bit.ly/2lZMxrZ]

  • Hint 1: Try thinking like Ariadne.
  • Hint 2: In this maze, you have to be really sensitive to details. Sometimes you have to look up, and sometimes you have to look down.
  • Hint 3: Always look to properly capitalise on your opportunities.

Available Star:

If teams go to the other murals, they get the letters “S”, “T”, “A”, “R”. If they email this to us, then they get a star.