Puzzle 2 - I Spy...


Teams are pointed to http://bit.ly/2lZMxrZ where they find an image: jchase.com/spy.jpg

[Solution: Teams realize the boot is a map of Italy, and then they match up Fibonacci’s (Leonardo de Pisa) birth/living place with the corresponding location on the map. Zooming in on this place shows the number 314, the location for the next puzzle. ]

  • Hint 1: Whew, I’m so tired of math. I just want to go home.
  • Hint 2: “I’d like to sail home, but for some reason the captain isn’t using a telescope…“
  • Hint 3: Magnifying glasses aren’t only for detectives.

Available Star:

“Don’t let the Greek Nationalists trick you about the true origin of Archimedes” This leads people to zoom in on Syracuse on the map, which has a star.

Another star is in the comments in the EXIF data for the image when you download it.