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Puzzle 5 - Natural Poetry


From the chess puzzle, teams go to Mr. Chase and he gives them a slip of paper with a poem

A wee bit of maths should never get scoff,

‘cuz who knows? You just might be onto it.

See, there are countless problems, so blast-off!

The maths world is always in need of wit.

Go and heed your calling without a doubt

For you’re on the most certainly right path

“A breakthrough!”, suddenly you’ll jump and shout

“I’ve found an ocean of beaut-e-ful math!”

A bead of wisdom is inside of all

Thē world waits, will you answer math’s call?

[Solution: Teams notice the repetition of the long "e" sound, along with the "e" being stressed in beautiful. Each of the stanzas is 10 syllables long, and so teams find which syllable the long "e" is on. The syllables form the digits of e, except it's off by 3 digits. Taking the 3 syllables numbers at which the 3 off digits are at, yields the room number 361]
  • Hint 1: Did you know that the symbol “ē” is used to denote the long “e” sound?
  • Hint 2: Wee beleeve weeeknesses do not eeexist.
  • Hint 3: This is not iambic pentameter, but position matters.
Available Star:
Looking at the correct digits that should be in the place of the altered ones, instead of 361 you get 218.