Puzzle 7 - Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine...


Teams receive a sheet of paper with 9 strange quotations/clues with a year tacked on. Additionally, they receive a 9 by 9 board of what appears to be Tic Tac Toe.

Stage 7: Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine (Who Loves That?)


    1. “Shut up and deal” (1961)
    2. Deciding a case with Hermann Goring? (1961)
    3. OK Corral Location (1993)
    4. Rock hammer your way out of prison (1994)
    5. Opposite of SSE (1959)
    6. Abduction by comanches (1956)
    7. Person who could win the presidency, from China? (1962)
    8. Pine seed, in Italian (1940)
    9. Guardian angels falling from the sky (1946)
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[Solution: Each of the 9 phrases points to a movie, and each of the movies has a 9 word letter. Coincidentally the tic tac toe board has 9 letters for 9 words, so then place the words in the tic tac toe board. The board is Ultimate tic tac toe, so after figuring out the order, and tracing over the letters in the appropriate manner gives “Sheen Capt Ben” which is Willard (from Apocalypse Now). ]

  • Hint 1: Why a 9 by 9 board for 9 questions? And what’s with the prevalence of long words in the movie titles?
  • Hint 2: They thought frisbee wasn’t good enough so they invented ultimate frisbee. Now only if they could do this with tic tac toe...

Available Star:

Answering the question on the top, with “Feynman”, yields a star (because of the Feynman point, 999999 in pi).