Puzzle 4 - Checkmate


In the video, they see at one time stamp (0:26) the a chess board position, and another time stamp (0:10) focuses on the words “ECKMAT = SHAHMAT” written on the whiteboard

[Solution: “Shah Mat” is the Farsi origin for the English term “Checkmate”. The puzzle is a checkmate in 1 by black, who moves pawn to a5, in algebraic notation. The checkmate solution literally substitutes for the letters “eckmat” in “Checkmate”, giving the solution, “Cha5e”.]

  • Hint 1: Sometimes the best way to solve something is to plug stuff in.
  • Hint 2: Algebraic notation isn’t just a math thing, you know.
  • Hint 3: Don't underestimate the power of pawns and missing letters.

Available Star:

There’s a star in the description of the Behind-the-Scenes video