Puzzle 3 - Back to the Past


When students go the room 314, Mr. Davis gives them a business card which contains a phone number (240 326-3741). Teams call this number and hear a phone greeting.

[Solution: The coughs in the message reference specific points in the advertisement video, ~0:10 and ~0:26.. When students go back to these locations they see a chess board at one point and also “shah mat = eckmat”. “Solving puzzle 3” means transferring from the phone call to the advertisement video with the above mentioned frames in mind.]

Hint 1: It’s a good thing germs don’t travel through landlines, because Jason’s a little bit sick.

Hint 2: Did you know Jason has a prepaid phone? That means he needs to watch how many minutes he’s been on a call.

Hint 3: Huh, the annoying-ness of these coughs seems to have a strong correlation with how much I hate ads.

Hint 4: Did you know that it's pretty hard to sync up audio with the proper frames when making a video?

Available Star:

The business card has the street number 221, which has a sign saying that "Sherlock is not home, go down 2 doors right." This leads you to Mr. GK's room, who has a star.