An annual event welcoming those who enjoy puzzles, logic, out-of-the-box thinking, fun with friends, math, pi, and pie!

What is the Pi Day Puzzle Hunt?

Every year since 2015, in celebration of Pi Day, Richard Montgomery High School holds a large-scale Puzzle Hunt that takes teams all over the school visiting classrooms, lockers, websites, making phone calls, and more. Many puzzles incorporate math but do not necessarily require advanced coursework, and all puzzles require ingenuity and lateral thinking. To see examples of the kinds of puzzles that have been put forward in the past, use the navigation on the left to explore the puzzles from previous years.

How can I get involved?

To participate, look out for more information on this website and our social media (and via email if you participate in the Mole Day hunt) in early March! To get involved in organizing or writing for the hunt, applications open each winter after Mole Day :)

Other future/past hunts you can check out if you're interested in the meantime are the MIT Mystery Hunt, CMU, Galactic Puzzle Hunt, and Integirls.

Who organizes the hunt?

Mr. Chase created the hunt in 2015 and was the sponsor of the event for several years. Mr. Wilkerson became the sponsor in 2022. The organizers for each year are listed below:

  • 2022 - Lynna Deng, Junzhi Xie, Annie Guo, Michelle Yu

  • 2021 - Jerry Shen, Abhinav Karthikeyan, Lynna Deng, Junzhi Xie

  • 2020 - Jack Yang, Kush Savsani, Jerry Shen, Abhinav Karthikeyan

  • 2019 - Lauren Zhou, Kevin Lu, Jack Yang, Kush Savsani

  • 2018 - Naveen Raman, Andrew Mao, Lauren Zhou, Kevin Lu

  • 2017 - Jason Zhao, Natalia Stepanova, Naveen Raman, Andrew Mao

  • 2016 - Kevin Ying, Chris Lee, Jason Zhao

  • 2015 - Helen Yang, Chris Lee, Kevin Ying

Where is Richard Montgomery High School?

Richard Montgomery High School is an IB World School in Montgomery County, Maryland, and is home to an IB magnet program. For more information about the school, visit the RM website here.

Other questions?

Please email rmhs.puzzlehunt@gmail.com if you have any other questions or concerns!